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I’m Alive!

Oh My God…I feel like I’ve just written an entire 20 page paper and have lost the whole thing. I finished my blog post and then POOF! gone. Grrrrr!!!!!!! I blame this on a friend of mine who made a comment today about whether or not I’ve been keeping my blog updated because he’s been forgetting to check it (you know who you are). SO, I go ahead and update everyone on everything and lose it all. Along with several important strands of hair… Soooooo, here we go again…

Mississippi State University

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I finally received my official admittance letter from Mississippi State University! I am a Bulldog baby! (Whatever that means.) J Do not expect me to be parked in from of the TV during college football season. I don’t like college football (sshhhhhh, that’s just between you and me, don’t tell anyone at MSU!) But seriously, I am so proud to be admitted to MSU to begin my meteorology degree. I feel like I should be partying every night and dragging my hung-over butt to class every morning. But I guess it would be pretty pathetic to get sloshed in my living room then drag myself to my computer to attend my online course. I guess that college party bit has sailed for me. Sadly…

I did hear from the local meteorologist that I had been emailing. I spent Monday, President’s Day, seated in a chair just off camera during the morning show!!!!  It was AMAZING! Up until that point, I didn’t think that broadcast meteorology would interest me. I was SO wrong. I saw a green screen for the first time and honestly, I thought it would be confusing, but it wasn’t at all. I was kind of in awe the entire time. Everyone was super nice, but I especially enjoyed my time with the meteorologist (I am avoiding giving a name to my readers for fear that you will all get the same idea and start sending a ton of emails!) Of course, if I were to be completely honest, all three of you wouldn’t really blow up an email account… J I have been invited back when we have some real weather action going on around here. Because, let’s face it, Phoenix weather is only exciting a few days a year! That station is definitely my first choice for my internship. I am so thankful for the generosity of others that has allowed me this opportunity. I can’t wait to go back!

Until next time…


What is my contribution?

With the approach of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I’m reminded that, along with many American’s after that tragedy, I felt the desire to give back somehow. What could I do to contribute to my country? So, I joined the Navy Reserves. Yup, that’s right, I did. It’s was the longest year of my life! Alright, I know, only a year. But it took me all of a month to figure out that I was a wife and mother, I was the one giving the orders in my world, I wasn’t taking them! So after I got yelled at in the face and dropped one too many times, I got out. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I did. I still have moments when I wish that I had stuck it out. It’s easy to think that now, because my eight years would have been up on July 31 of this year. But oh well…

However, the desire to contribute to this world hasn’t gone away. Today I was reminded of what I can contribute to my world when I read an article about a huge piece of ice that broke off from a  Greenland Glacier. And when I say huge, I mean approximately four times the size of Manhattan! You see, Meteorologists aren’t just the people you see on your daily news with the perfectly coiffed hair and pearly white teeth (not that there is anything wrong with that at all!). There are teams of men and women that provide research of our atmosphere and how various factors contribute to global warming, droughts, weather patterns, etc. The American Meteorological Society has a great resource on their site for anyone interested in a career in the field.

So, I am super excited that I get to study a field that I not only find interesting, but that can assuage my need to give back somehow, to do something that is bigger than me. That I can be just one small part of the whole, but still make a difference. What would you do to give back?

3TV Phoenix News

Holy cow, I knew it was hot!! A friend of mine told me that he’s always thought that “meteorologists in Arizona have the easiest job in the world. If you report hot and sunny you are correct 78% of the time…and if things change, and your 22% inaccuracy comes up…you are still 21% more accurate than most meteorologists across the country.” Ha…funny guy… Anyway, just wanted to share the weather hell (LITERALLY) that we’re dealing with here in the desert. Enjoy!

3TV Phoenix News

The Price of Knowledge

Boy, if there was a way to keep my other half from reading a post now would be the time to implement it. While we have already discussed the cost of tuition for my program, it’s not a reminder he wants to get I’m sure…

So, as we all know, the cost of education can be steep and boy is this hill going to suck…Now, while the number doesn’t look all that awful compared to the cost of say…Harvard, Yale, Duke, etc., let’s remember that I already have a degree, therefore I already have some of the financial pains that come with said degree. So, when I look at adding to what I already have, I cry a little. Nothing crazy, no river of tears of anything, but I let out a little whimper and sigh. But hey! No pay no play right! Or no pain no gain? No pay no get into a good college and get the degree/job of your dreams so you can get out of the stuffy corporate world? Whatever, you know what I mean…

To break it down and serve it up in a nutshell, here are the numbers…
49 credits at $ 242.00 per credit = $11,858.00
$50 per course for online format at 16 courses = $800.00
Textbooks…hmmmm, let’s say $100 a course by 16 courses (OMG) = $1600.00
For a GRAND TOTAL of $14258.00!!!!!

WHAT?! For 16 classes?!?!? Yup, I’m going to pay it too. Unless someone knows of another college with an online Meteorology program that’s cheaper? Anyone? Yeah…ok. Oh, and this number does not include the three courses I’ll be taking close to home at the community college. I’m easily looking at $15K here…*sigh*

Now how to pay for this bad boy? Loans are an option of course, grants (I wish), scholarships…possible. But for anyone who’s ever looked at applying for scholarships you know that you practically need to take a course for that as well! At least I have a year to figure that part out… 🙂

Eh, c’est la vie…


Well, this morning has brought lots of news from friends and family back home in Connecticut. My sister’s husband had to take a chainsaw and cut trees on the roads so that she could get home from work this morning. My best friends power is out from downed power lines right in front of her house. But thankfully, that seems to be the worst of it. Everyone is safe and sound and that is what is most important.

Sure wish I could have been there with them. I’ve never experienced a hurricane and in light of my new educational venture, would have been kind of cool…

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