The Price of Knowledge

Boy, if there was a way to keep my other half from reading a post now would be the time to implement it. While we have already discussed the cost of tuition for my program, it’s not a reminder he wants to get I’m sure…

So, as we all know, the cost of education can be steep and boy is this hill going to suck…Now, while the number doesn’t look all that awful compared to the cost of say…Harvard, Yale, Duke, etc., let’s remember that I already have a degree, therefore I already have some of the financial pains that come with said degree. So, when I look at adding to what I already have, I cry a little. Nothing crazy, no river of tears of anything, but I let out a little whimper and sigh. But hey! No pay no play right! Or no pain no gain? No pay no get into a good college and get the degree/job of your dreams so you can get out of the stuffy corporate world? Whatever, you know what I mean…

To break it down and serve it up in a nutshell, here are the numbers…
49 credits at $ 242.00 per credit = $11,858.00
$50 per course for online format at 16 courses = $800.00
Textbooks…hmmmm, let’s say $100 a course by 16 courses (OMG) = $1600.00
For a GRAND TOTAL of $14258.00!!!!!

WHAT?! For 16 classes?!?!? Yup, I’m going to pay it too. Unless someone knows of another college with an online Meteorology program that’s cheaper? Anyone? Yeah…ok. Oh, and this number does not include the three courses I’ll be taking close to home at the community college. I’m easily looking at $15K here…*sigh*

Now how to pay for this bad boy? Loans are an option of course, grants (I wish), scholarships…possible. But for anyone who’s ever looked at applying for scholarships you know that you practically need to take a course for that as well! At least I have a year to figure that part out… 🙂

Eh, c’est la vie…


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I am a lover of all things weather. Currently in the last year of my BS in Geosciences with a concentration in Operational Meteorology at Mississippi State University. (I'm still trying to find a quicker way to say that mouthful...) I am a wife and mother of 3 humans and 2 greyhounds. View all posts by meteorologygirl

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