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The Price of Knowledge

Boy, if there was a way to keep my other half from reading a post now would be the time to implement it. While we have already discussed the cost of tuition for my program, it’s not a reminder he wants to get I’m sure…

So, as we all know, the cost of education can be steep and boy is this hill going to suck…Now, while the number doesn’t look all that awful compared to the cost of say…Harvard, Yale, Duke, etc., let’s remember that I already have a degree, therefore I already have some of the financial pains that come with said degree. So, when I look at adding to what I already have, I cry a little. Nothing crazy, no river of tears of anything, but I let out a little whimper and sigh. But hey! No pay no play right! Or no pain no gain? No pay no get into a good college and get the degree/job of your dreams so you can get out of the stuffy corporate world? Whatever, you know what I mean…

To break it down and serve it up in a nutshell, here are the numbers…
49 credits at $ 242.00 per credit = $11,858.00
$50 per course for online format at 16 courses = $800.00
Textbooks…hmmmm, let’s say $100 a course by 16 courses (OMG) = $1600.00
For a GRAND TOTAL of $14258.00!!!!!

WHAT?! For 16 classes?!?!? Yup, I’m going to pay it too. Unless someone knows of another college with an online Meteorology program that’s cheaper? Anyone? Yeah…ok. Oh, and this number does not include the three courses I’ll be taking close to home at the community college. I’m easily looking at $15K here…*sigh*

Now how to pay for this bad boy? Loans are an option of course, grants (I wish), scholarships…possible. But for anyone who’s ever looked at applying for scholarships you know that you practically need to take a course for that as well! At least I have a year to figure that part out… 🙂

Eh, c’est la vie…


Pomp and Circumstance

Yay! My patience paid off and I heard from the school regarding my transcripts. Ok, I can’t lie, I did email…but ONLY once!!!! I couldn’t help it, I had no control!

Ahem…anyway, seems that I’m on track with no problem…I only need to take three courses other than the degree courses to get my B.S. in Geoscience. AND, turns out, I also had some weird class that transfers in as one of the degree courses so BONUS!!!!

So now I get to look forward to History, Literature, and Writing. (Hey! Let’s see if the writing helps my blog at all!) Only 4 years until graduation! Too soon to play the march?


Whomever said that patience is a virtue never truly had to wait for something. Or at least I can’t imagine that they did. I have this little problem, I don’t like to wait…for anything. If I want something, I want it now, not in an hour, not next week, NOW. So as I sit here waiting for my transcript evaluation to come back so I know what classes I can register for, I have had to force myself to not harrass the poor lady at the college with an email every five minutes. I’m sure I’m not the only prospective student she is dealing with right now, but I can’t say I much care about the rest of them (what?! too harsh?). Anyway, instead of sending her a barrage of “where is my evaluation” emails, I’m blogging. It keeps my fingers busy…

If I do hear back from her today (as promised), I’ll let you know what classes I need. If I don’t, then she has broken her promise and all bets are off. She’ll have 100 emails waiting for her in the morning. (Ok…maybe I added a couple too many zeros…)


Well, this morning has brought lots of news from friends and family back home in Connecticut. My sister’s husband had to take a chainsaw and cut trees on the roads so that she could get home from work this morning. My best friends power is out from downed power lines right in front of her house. But thankfully, that seems to be the worst of it. Everyone is safe and sound and that is what is most important.

Sure wish I could have been there with them. I’ve never experienced a hurricane and in light of my new educational venture, would have been kind of cool…

Am I really blogging?!

I’ve decided that maybe it’s time to catch up with the rest of the world and start a blog. Up until now I haven’t really had anything to write about so it seemed pretty pointless. I had a ton of questions. Would I be interesting? Would I have enough to say? Would I be funny? Well, anyone who knows me knows that I am hilarious, or wait, maybe that’s only in my head. (If my hubby’s eye rolling is any indication…)

But hold up! I do have something to talk about! I, at the ripe age of 37, will be starting on the path of a major career change. Oh but how could that be interesting in the least? Well, ok, maybe it won’t be THAT interesting, but I think the future may hold some moments of struggle, aggravation, happiness, me curling into the fetal position sucking on my thumb…you get the picture. Working full time, being a wife and mother of three will lend itself to that last little bit of mental well being.

So now you may be wondering what my new career path is or, for the more clever readers, my blog name may have given it away. 🙂 And now, for the next four years or so, you get to follow along with me as I take classes that will make me want to pull my hair out. But for now, I am literally just beginning this journey. I already have a Bachelor’s degree, so for the next year I will just be doing the few courses that I need that were not required for my first degree. But I will be sharing with you all the experiences I have concerning getting started in my program, applying for scholarships and grants, that sort of thing.

So if you’re not bored out of your mind already, stick around and see what comes of this fantastic journey that is going to take me into my 40’s! YIKES!!!

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