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Whomever said that patience is a virtue never truly had to wait for something. Or at least I can’t imagine that they did. I have this little problem, I don’t like to wait…for anything. If I want something, I want it now, not in an hour, not next week, NOW. So as I sit here waiting for my transcript evaluation to come back so I know what classes I can register for, I have had to force myself to not harrass the poor lady at the college with an email every five minutes. I’m sure I’m not the only prospective student she is dealing with right now, but I can’t say I much care about the rest of them (what?! too harsh?). Anyway, instead of sending her a barrage of “where is my evaluation” emails, I’m blogging. It keeps my fingers busy…

If I do hear back from her today (as promised), I’ll let you know what classes I need. If I don’t, then she has broken her promise and all bets are off. She’ll have 100 emails waiting for her in the morning. (Ok…maybe I added a couple too many zeros…)


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