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Bring on the rain!

Please, please, please let it rain tonight!!! According to the National Weather Service the Phoenix area has a 40% chance of rain this evening. If you live here, you know that those are some super good odds! I think anytime the chance of precipitation goes above, oh…10%, people around here get pretty excited. Hmmm, could it be because it seems that this years monsoon has brought more dust than rain? Maybe the 33 days of 110 degrees or higher has us all a little loopy. Who knows, but when there is a good chance of rain I get all warm and fuzzy inside. Not to mention there’s always the possibility of a pretty good lightening show!

Of course with storms rolling in there’s also the possibility of another dust storm. I’m just hoping that if we do get more dust, then the rain follows, and more than just enough to turn the dust on my car to mud…

3TV Phoenix News

Holy cow, I knew it was hot!! A friend of mine told me that he’s always thought that “meteorologists in Arizona have the easiest job in the world. If you report hot and sunny you are correct 78% of the time…and if things change, and your 22% inaccuracy comes up…you are still 21% more accurate than most meteorologists across the country.” Ha…funny guy… Anyway, just wanted to share the weather hell (LITERALLY) that we’re dealing with here in the desert. Enjoy!

3TV Phoenix News

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