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Focus, focus, focus!!

I can not tell you how hard it has been to focus lately. All I want to do is craft, crochet, bake, crochet, bake and craft some more. It’s ridiculous. Then, as if focusing on my History class wasn’t hard enough, I had a quiz almost completely finished, saved it and went back to it the next day…GONE!!!! The whole thing, just gone. ūüė• I literally looked at the screen, emailed my instructor and said “screw it”. I used a more colorful word at the time, but it meant the same thing…

I do believe that this will always be the hardest time of the year for me to go to school. I just want to MAKE THINGS!!!!!!! I’ve picked up crocheting, ya know, because I’m totally not busy and have time on my hands. :-/ I’ve been making hats and scarves and wrist warmers because of course it’s freezing in the desert. I’m so daft. But whatever, it seems to keep me sane. I just sit still for hours counting stitches…one, two, three, one two three, one two three, chain 1, one, two, three, one, two, wait, crap, then unravel half of my work, one, two, three, one, two,…well, you get the idea. It’s amazing what you DON’T think about when you’re doing something like that. Kind of therapeutic…

Then, I told you guys about the Pinterest¬†site…that is going to be the end of me, seriously. I.CAN’T.LEAVE.IT.ALONE.¬†Holy crap, if I had the time, my house would be friggin¬†buried in craft turkeys made from felt, baked goods of every kind (including the cutest litte santa hats made out of brownies and strawberries…really…), new centerpieces for every single day, alcoholic beverages of every single kind, you name it, I’d be doing it. That site is evil…pure evil…and I absolutely¬†love it.

But what I would really love to do is to rip out every single page of that history book and make a wreath with the pages. Hmmmmm…..


Autumn, my favorite time of year…

Well, it used to be, back when I was young, carefree, and living in one of the most gorgeous areas of the country for fall colors. Ahhhhh, fall inNew England, does it get any more beautiful? It’s that time of year when we break out the sweaters and boots, feel a slight chill in the air, and listen to the sound of changing leaves rustling in the breeze. 

Fall was my favorite time of year when I was a kid. Jumping into a huge pile of leaves should be a mandatory activity for children. My hubby just gives me a confused look when I say that. He grew up near the beaches of southernCalifornia… no dead leaves there. But I try to tell him that there is nothing like picking dead leaves out of your hair for days.  He doesn’t believe me… 

Watching the squirrels run around hoarding all the acorns for their winter stash was always entertaining for us kids…I still squeal with delight when I see one. (Again, my husband thinks I’m crazy…) But hey, I live in the desert where lizards are the norm, not squirrels, and lizards aren’t nearly as cute and fuzzy. 

It was the time of year when you could go apple picking and drink hot apple cider or hot chocolate to warm you up. 

Trick or treating was always fun. We spent so much time finding a costume, only to cover it up with a huge coat because it was cold as hell after dark, so everyone looked like little flashers walking around with a pillow case.  Ah, but we were cute… 

But now, here I am, living in the desert where today, the glorious first day of fall, it’s going to be 107 degrees! No sweaters, no boots, definitely no chill in the air, and palm trees and cacti do not change colors and rustle in the hair dryer hot breezes…Kids can go trick or treating in their bathing suits if they wanted to and be perfectly comfortable. 

No apple picking in the desert…and ice cold chocolate milk and apple cider are better than the hot stuff that just makes you sweat more. 

Only four years to go until I get this degree in meteorology.  Then we can move to someplace more appropriate. My kids WILL jump into a pile of leaves, they will drink hot cider and they will be little flashers (with maybe a butterfly and superhero underneath) for Halloween!!

One holiday at a time, please!

Last time I checked the calendar I believe it said September 18th. Not October, not November, and certainly not December! I was in Costco a couple of weeks ago and saw Christmas decorations…what?!?! Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas just as much as the next person, really…I love the lights, the trees, the sparkles…but I also like Halloween and Thanksgiving. How fair is it to rob these holidays of their time in the limelight?

When I was young, Christmas decorations did not come out in the stores until after Thanksgiving. The wait and anticipation made it that much more exciting. Now, I see decorations before I see Halloween items. How can I get into the Christmas spirit when there are skulls and monsters hanging out in the next aisle?! How can I get geared up to be a ghoul or witch when there are happy, sparkly Santa’s, Elves, garland, and blinking Christmas lights right next door?

And poor Thanksgiving. It just kind of gets lost in the myriad of furry spiders, skeletons with eyes that light up, nativity scenes, and wreaths.

Maybe this year I’ll dress the kids up as elves, give them stockings to collect their Halloween candy and pass out turkey legs. Since the stores are so hell-bent on combining the holidays, as of November 1st I can just cruise through the rest of the year while everyone else around me stresses about family gatherings and finding the perfect gifts. Hmmm, now that I think about it, maybe they are onto something!

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