Autumn, my favorite time of year…

Well, it used to be, back when I was young, carefree, and living in one of the most gorgeous areas of the country for fall colors. Ahhhhh, fall inNew England, does it get any more beautiful? It’s that time of year when we break out the sweaters and boots, feel a slight chill in the air, and listen to the sound of changing leaves rustling in the breeze. 

Fall was my favorite time of year when I was a kid. Jumping into a huge pile of leaves should be a mandatory activity for children. My hubby just gives me a confused look when I say that. He grew up near the beaches of southernCalifornia… no dead leaves there. But I try to tell him that there is nothing like picking dead leaves out of your hair for days.  He doesn’t believe me… 

Watching the squirrels run around hoarding all the acorns for their winter stash was always entertaining for us kids…I still squeal with delight when I see one. (Again, my husband thinks I’m crazy…) But hey, I live in the desert where lizards are the norm, not squirrels, and lizards aren’t nearly as cute and fuzzy. 

It was the time of year when you could go apple picking and drink hot apple cider or hot chocolate to warm you up. 

Trick or treating was always fun. We spent so much time finding a costume, only to cover it up with a huge coat because it was cold as hell after dark, so everyone looked like little flashers walking around with a pillow case.  Ah, but we were cute… 

But now, here I am, living in the desert where today, the glorious first day of fall, it’s going to be 107 degrees! No sweaters, no boots, definitely no chill in the air, and palm trees and cacti do not change colors and rustle in the hair dryer hot breezes…Kids can go trick or treating in their bathing suits if they wanted to and be perfectly comfortable. 

No apple picking in the desert…and ice cold chocolate milk and apple cider are better than the hot stuff that just makes you sweat more. 

Only four years to go until I get this degree in meteorology.  Then we can move to someplace more appropriate. My kids WILL jump into a pile of leaves, they will drink hot cider and they will be little flashers (with maybe a butterfly and superhero underneath) for Halloween!!


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3 responses to “Autumn, my favorite time of year…

  • G. Foy

    It still IS my favorite time of year, and the FL humidity will never change that! That’s why I’ve made it a tradition, since my baby was 1 year old, to take a long weekend trip up to CT in mid-October -during peak foliage, of course! Palm trees and warm temperatures can’t erase the fond memories of autumn in New England – EASILY the most breathtaking place at this time of year : )

  • KvH

    You are not appreciating the relative cheapness of raising children in AZ – they can wear the SAME CLOTHES all year – just throw on a hoodie for a few winter days!

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