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Super Excited!!

So, the thing that started this whole blog adventure was me searching the web for information on meteorology as a second career, grants, scholarships, etc. But the very first thing that started me on that path was a simple email to a local meteorologist. She lead me to Mississippi State University and their online Meteorology program.  I’ve  applied and am waiting for my official evaluation. I can’t believe it! I’m so excited to finally be working toward something that I’ve been interested in for so long! Anyway, I sent my new meteorologist friend another email inquiring about possible internships and she kind of invited me to spend an hour on the morning show!!!!!!!!! I’m beside myself. It’s the same channel I’ve been watching for at least the past 16 years, so I feel like I know them all. Then to see what goes on behind the scenes during live news broadcasts is kind of blowing my mind! I keep telling myself…ok…calm down…it’s not a big deal…oh, but who am  I kidding?! Aside from getting to check out the inner workings of a live broadcast, I get to really take a look at one career in meteorology (if only for a moment) and get an idea if that is the direction I would like to take!

I wrote that first paragraph over a week ago. I haven’t heard back from her. I’m trying my hardest to be patient. I mean she doesn’t know me, she might find it a bit creepy if I emailed her everyday like we’re best friends. I would find that creepy and I know me. And I certainly don’t want to become a pain in the backside about it. So I sit…and wait…and wait…and wait…at the same time that I sit and wait…and wait…and wait for my evaluation to get done at the college. ALL THIS WAITING IS DRIVING ME NUTS!


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