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A little help please…

Five weeks and counting! My courses start 5 weeks from today and I’m super excited. I’m trying to get prepared for it. Waiting to order my books, check daily for my transcript transfers, trying to explain to hubs why the purchase of a MacBook could be the difference between success and total failure… 🙂

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Seriously guys, help me out. We have an iMac. The reason we have the iMac is because the Dell PC we had got a nifty little virus that practically ate all of our data. If not for the wonderful skills of one of our IT guys at work, all would have been lost. So, we (I) decided that it was time to upgrade to the Apple family with just a little bit of apprehension from my main man. Since then Mr. Skeptic has the new iPad and is chomping at the bit for the new iPhone 5. Hmmmmm, how quickly we come around…

And ladies, you know how this is, if he wants it, he gets it, if we want it, it costs too much money. I know my baby will read this and it’s probably a good thing I’m not with him when he does, but he knows the truth of what I say (LOVE YOU HON!!!).

So here is my logic (and if anyone has any further logic that can help my case PLEASE share away!!!!), we have the iMac which we both love. We also still have that expensive paper weight called the Dell PC. It works, and by works, I mean, you can turn it on and it will boot up. Beyond that, I’m not so sure. It’s been stripped down to it’s factory settings but I suspect there might still be a little bug living in there somewhere that’s set up permanent shop. Sitting inside my laptop, drinking a rum, causing all sorts of havoc. Bastard. It runs slow, even with nothing extra on it and it scares the hell out of me to think that I’ll be right in the middle of a large assignment/paper having forgotten to save after the last three pages and POOF!, that damn squatter decides it would be a fun game to mess with me once again. I can’t take the stress and anxiety!

BUT, with a MacBook (Air or Pro…I’m not picky), the transition from desktop and laptop would be seamless, all the apps we have will work on both, switching back and forth between them would be super easy with the cloud, I’m MUCH less likely to get a new family of freeloaders coming in and eating all of my hard work…you get the idea.

I’ve done the research, been to the Apple store and looked at the laptops. Honestly, I would be happy with the entry level Air which happens to be their cheapest version. Just a little 11″ screen, which, when you actually look at it, is not all that bad. Since I’m a student, I can get education pricing, PLUS a $100.00 app store gift card. Not bad, not bad at all.

So, I think I have a good case for a new laptop. Come on baby…CAN I HAVE ONE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Can I get any cuter?

 (I’m so in trouble for this when I get home…) 😉



I think I GROSSLY underestimated the cost of text books for my classes. They’ve posted the required books and IF I can get them used, my first two classes are going to cost me $311!!!! USED people!!! If have to purchase all new books I’m looking at $415. I think I might be sick.

Can someone tell me why the heck textbooks cost so much?! Does it cost that much more to print them than typical hard cover books, I doubt it. I’m actually pretty ticked off about this. Who do I need to write a letter to? Grrrrrrr

Oh…yeah, here’s a good one. For one of my classes they have the option of renting an eBook…for the bargain basement price of $92!!! It’s ELECTRONIC and a RENTAL…$92.00?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Someone is getting rich and it’s isn’t me!

The killer is that because all of these courses are actually FOR my degree, not just gen eds, I’m probably going to want to keep them for future reference. Gah, I’m just annoyed…

Oy, had to vent. I thought it would make me feel better. I’m just more amped now…So, if anyone has any suggestions on how to drop this cost significantly, I’m ALL ears!!!!

Can’t Wait Until Fall!!!!

Ok, so now that I’m registered for my courses and all set with financial aid, I CAN’T WAIT TO START!!!! I got a postcard in the mail from “Bully” wishing me a happy birthday. The mascot sent me a card!!!! Yes, I realize that he did not send it to me personally, but I still got all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m a University student! While I do already have that first Bachelor’s, it was at a private college and they didn’t even have a football team! So…flipping…excited…

I wish that I could get a job in the field in the meantime. The next three years are going to be tough. I want to completely immerse myself in it, but I’m thinking that isn’t possible. Maybe I could be a gofer at The Weather Channel? Do you hear that Jim Cantore?! How do you take your coffee buddy?!

Well, I guess not. I’ll just hang tight until all falls in to place.

My hubs would like me to work as a meteorologist at ESPN (if they even have their own), and asked me to think of the perks. Ha! Perks for who?! He kills me sometimes…

My brain hurts…

So, a couple of weeks ago, I made fun of the size of my pathetic looking little history book. Well, it seems that the joke is on me! I don’t know if it is advances in printing or what, but I just finished my first quiz last night, and let me tell you, there is more information in that little tiny book than all the history I learned in school!

Now, let me also say this, the “quiz” is not like the quizzes we used to take, these bad boys are B.R.U.T.A.L. Below is just the FIRST question of 7 that needed to be answered on the quiz: 

The course textbook suggests that “too often in historical writing, Europeans reaching the Americas are portrayed as the carriers of a superior culture that inevitably vanquished people living in a primitive if not ‘savage’ state” (3). Discuss how this portrayal has been the case in prominent representations of American history in American culture. Consider things like what you have learned about American history in school, how American history is often represented in popular culture like films and television shows, and how American history is often represented in national monuments and museums. Also, explain what might be the ramifications of this simplistic view of history. In addressing that, also discuss how the many groups of people who were classified together as “Indians” by Europeans “were enormously diverse in the size and complexity of their societies” (4). Specifically describe some of the diversity that can be seen among these groups of people.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! Where is that answer in the friggin book?! Look, I only need this class for the credit, I am not going to be a history major, nor have I ever wanted to be a history major. I just need to get a “C” so that I can get the transfer credit. Can I get the “C” level questions please? How about something like “Hollywood’s portrayal of the Indians was depicted in the movie “The Lone Ranger”. What is the name of The Lone Ranger’s horse? Now THAT is a “C” level question my friends!

Ugh, I think I’ve seriously over estimated my mental capacity for this stuff. I’m more of a numbers gal. I can work numbers all day long, but give me something I actually have to think about and I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted just thinking about having to think!

Thankfully, I have a husband who is a bit of a rain man when it comes to history. “Silver, yeah Silver is his name…” But seriously, he helped me a ton and I want to thank him so much. I would probably still be propped up in front of the computer mumbling and drooling trying to answer those questions. He helps me think.

I’m sure all my complaining is helping somehow so with that being said, I better go and bury myself in that damn book again, I have another quiz coming up…

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