Merry (Belated) Christmas!!

Well, it’s obvious that I’ve totally and completely neglected my blog this month (or more…). The holidays nearly killed me this year. Between baking and crocheting and working and finishing my class and raising kids and pink eye (YES, pink eye!!!! Unbelievable!!!)…I’m EXHAUSTED!!! But here we are, two days after Christmas and poof…it’s over. I feel a little lost now. What worries and stresses will occupy my mind and time now? I can’t believe I even asked that question. In my case, there is never a dull moment, never a time when I don’t stress about whatever. I’m sure I’ll think of something….

So this last month and a half has been super busy. We had family and friends over for Thanksgiving where I made a ridiculously tasty turkey if I do say so myself. And yes…that is BACON!!!!) I found the recipe here  (which of course I found on Pinterest). It did not disappoint!  It even made my father’s Christmas letter as a highlight of the year. Now THAT’S amazing!  Two weeks later I finished my History class (YAY!!!!) with an 88 average. So close to an A, but hey, I’ll take it. Then it was a race to the finish to get ready for Christmas.

The weekend of December 10th we hopped in the car and drove over to Palm Desert to see the in-laws and have our family Christmas early. We had a great time even with 8 kids and 6 adults hanging out for two days in a three bedroom house. Woohoo!!!! But really, it was fun and the kids had a fantastic time playing with their cousins. We really don’t see them enough…

We FINALLY got our Christmas tree on December 15th. We never really did finish putting all of the decorations on it. But it is beautiful just the same. December 18th was the day I bought my very first present for the kids. I really really wanted to start early this year, then BAM!, it’s a week before Christmas and the only thing stirring in my house was the sense that maybe we better get some presents.

Both my hubby and I kind of had a hard time getting into the spirit this year. I think that Christmas had become over commercialized and it seemed the only purpose was to shop, shop, shop! If I could show you just one page from my email account that has apparently been changed to receive only spam and advertisements, you would see what I mean. I’ve been emailed ads for after Christmas sales ON Christmas Day! Can’t I have just one day, say…Christmas DAY…that I don’t have to think about spending any more money?

Oh yeah, then I found out today that some low life stole my debit card information and attempted to purchase almost $800.00 with it all over Illinois! Luckily my credit union is ON TOP of it. A friend suggested I add them to my Christmas list next year. Not a bad idea…

But now we can move on to the New Year with new opportunities, experiences, classes, projects and possibly a little P90X. The food was amazing this season…


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